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Frozen Shoulder

3 phases of Adhesive Capsulitis that can make you look like a fish on a hook

Adhesive Capsulitis, which is commonly referred to as frozen shoulder is a syndrome that affects the joint of the shoulder. It inflicts extreme agony due to the gradual development of pain and stiffness around the shoulder area, the condition gets to worse as time progress.

Frozen shoulder causes the tissue surrounding the shoulder joint which is known as the shoulder capsule to become so thick and tight that it restricts the movement of the shoulder. The pain generally gets to become severe during the night time and is often witnessed more in women than men.

This condition has 3 phases of graduation with each having its time frame and symptoms. The three phases of the Adhesive Capsulitis are:

Freezing stage:

This is the initial stage which can last up to 6-9 months. During this stage, the pain can be experienced when the person in distress moves their shoulder.

Frozen stage:

This is the second stage which can last between 4 months to a year. In this phase, the pain might get lessens but the stiffness in the shoulder tends to become worse.

Thawing stage:

This is the final stage which will last from 6 months to 2 years. Here, the motion returns to its original stage.

It is advisable to avail Frozen Shoulder treatment in its initial stage to be safe from further complexities. Though there are different ways to counter this condition such as corticosteroid injection, joint distention, shoulder manipulation, and surgery, the most impactful adhesive capsulitis treatment is physical therapy. With the right set of frozen shoulder exercises, one can get to have a quick, cost-effective and lesser painful relief from this ailment.


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