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About Us

We are committed to provide the best possible care to get you back to your active lifestyle. We are versatile in multiple therapy treatments that yield the best possible results. Our Physical therapists are passionate and committed and continuously learn and practice the most effective techniques that provide the best possible outcomes for our patients.


In addition to evaluation and treatment skills, our therapists teach courses like Body Mechanics and various therapy related education to local organizations in the Central Virginia area. We periodically conduct free therapy camps through various local organizations to deliver quality care to our community members.We also conduct fitness classes at our facility and partner with local sports and athletic clubs.



    We are aspiring to be one of the best Physical Therapy Centre in Central Virginia by providing quality service to our community. We also dream of spreading the knowledge of physical therapy and rehabilitation science to the every people thereby enabling them to better take care of their individual physical needs and abilities.


At RVA Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab, we are committed to offer quality service towards the health needs of society through knowledgeable and professional therapist. We encourage for active lifestyle and aim to do that by creating self-awareness on effective physical therapy service.


Values & Guiding Principles

Our core principle zeros at providing exceptional Physical Therapy service coupled with elite level performance to our patients. All our therapists are keen to educate community on injury prevention and self-training to feel, move and look better.

Our Care and Openness is same for each patient and the primary goals are to:

  • Mark an end to the Physical Limitations thereby increasing body strength and functionality
  • Create awareness about self-help when it comes to physical immobility
  • Spread knowledge on daily lifestyle and behavior that cater towards wellness and longevity
  • Restore smooth physical functionality
  • Educate people on the importance of healthy body for achieving excellence results in both personal as well as professional life