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Frozen Shoulder

3 phases of Adhesive Capsulitis that can make you look like a fish on a hook

Adhesive Capsulitis, which is commonly referred to as frozen shoulder is a syndrome that affects the joint of the shoulder. It inflicts extreme agony due to the gradual development of pain and stiffness around the shoulder area, the condition gets to worse as time progress.

Frozen shoulder causes the tissue surrounding the shoulder joint which is known as the shoulder capsule to become so thick and tight that it restricts the movement of the shoulder. The pain generally gets to become severe during the night time and is often witnessed more in women than men.

This condition has 3 phases of graduation with each having its time frame and symptoms. The three phases of the Adhesive Capsulitis are:

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cervicalgia symptoms

Why you should never slip up on Neck pain caused by a Bad sleeping Posture

After a long and tiring day at work, you finally get to reach your home and all you remember is hopping into your bed. The next day you wake up with a pain irritating you around your neck and choose to ignore citing it could probably be a normal neck pain; however, you could be wrong with their judgment.

Cervicalgia is a neck-related ailment that is caused due to bad sleeping posture or ergonomy or even long term stress that could take a toll on your neck and shoulder. Identification of Cervicalgia Symptoms and Treatment at its nasal stage can help you in mitigating it from further aggravation.

Some of the visible cervicalgia symptoms are:

  • Pain around the Neck Region
  • Stiffness and spasms in the Neck Muscle
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Shoulder Tenderness.

The treatments one can undergo at the comfort of their home once they witness some of the above-mentioned symptoms are:

Application of ice pack around the inflamed area for about 20 minutes every day can help in improving the condition of the affected area.
The healing can be boosted by the application of heat through the means of a hot shower or hot towel.
Remove any external pressure around the color area.
If you feel comfortable, try to stretch your neck by moving the head in different positions.

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