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Dry Needling is an advanced physical therapy procedure in which a patient gets injected with a needle-shaped filament inside the body, through the skin to the affected muscle tissues. As a result, the affected tissue, also called Trigger Points, gets desensitized and stops the hyperirritable spots in skeletal muscle. A dry needle process helps in desensitized the oversensitive zones of soft tissues. This method also aids in stabilise the motion and function of a muscle and trigger the healing process of the muscle’s soft tissue. With a certified dry needing therapist, one can expect a rapid and instant result.

Dry Needling helps in Diagnosis

Dry needling techniques under a skilled professional, act as a healing tool and a diagnostic device as well. Some deep injuries such as contractures, tight muscles and myofascial trigger points can’t get traced with the usage or MRI, CT-scan and X-ray. With the help of a dry needle, the therapist can figure out the super sensitive zone of the soft tissue and treat them accordingly. A certified expert from RVA Physical Therapy safely penetrates the chronic and fibrotic tissue, and figure out the difference between a normal and injured tissue with just a magic feel.

Dry Needling
With Dr. Ma Dry Needling Founder
With Dr. Ma , Dry Needling Founder of American Dry needling institute

Acupuncture and Dry Needling:

While the idea of injecting needles into the skin resembles the Acupuncture Technique but a Dry needle is significantly different from Acupuncture.

  • Acupuncture is a Chinese tradition that aims to balance the energy flow of the human body. Dry Needling on the other hand, helps in numbing the hypersensitive soft tissues and promote the healing process.
  • Acupuncture targets to cure the essential organs of a human body, which linked with the meridian lines of the skin. In dry needling, the practitioner only treats the affected parts of the muscles and soft tissues.
  • While acupuncture treats disease like insomnia, physical pain, digestive disorders etc. Dry needling provides instant physical relief from acute and chronic pain from sciatica, fibromyalgia, muscle spasm, tendinitis and all muscle related issues.

How a session of Dry Needling Feels?

The process of dry needling is not painful, and patients cant feel the insertion of the needle. The patients perceive an occasional twitch response as similar as a muscle cramp or electric shock. Practitioners consider those twitch responses as a good sign.

During the session, some patients might feel some heaviness in their limbs that subside within 1-48 hours. Otherwise, patients often describe a dry needling session as relaxed and pleasant.

Is it Safe?

Of course, Dry Needling is safe to use, and unlike Trigger Point Injections, it does not cause any side effect. In a rare case, some patients might experience soreness on the treated parts for few hours.

Golf Program


Use our Functional Rehabilitation Program for optimum performance

The game play for Golf has taken a significant shift with the emergence of Golf fitness programs. It asses, corrects, trains and guides every individual to showcase their Golf skills on the field. Under Back 2 Golf Programs in RVA Physical Therapy, golfers go through various Assessment model to generate a mobility and functionality report.

What we offer in our Plan:

1. Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) assessment model.

The TPI model analyses all the body movement, swinging speed and various other physical traits of the golfers. After assessing those qualities, our TPI certified professional teams will devise a unique formulated plan for each. The program will help the golfers to optimize their overall performances and keeping them safe from any physical injuries.

2. Fitness plan from our experts

The goal is to provide proper exercises, physical training and increasing endurance. Assessment of the physical mobility and swinging movement produces enough data to look for all the things that a golfer might be doing wrong from a physical standpoint. While a swing seems perfect on site doesn’t ensure any future safety or performance of the golfers. Physical therapists, after analysing the assessment report will individually recommend specific endurance enhancement training, weight training and a structured fitness regime.
Muscles involved during a golf game:

  • Rotary Cuff
  • Lateral epicondylitis or Tennis elbow
  • Lateral epicondylitis
  • Lower back muscles

Under Back 2 Golf Program, our TPI Specialists will inculcate physical activities, new game moves and corrective exercise to ensure a golfer to safeguard him/her from any Injuries.


Walk with confidence with Vestibular Therapy

Our Vestibular Therapy (VRT) in RVA Physical Therapy has successfully helped several patients in maintaining a healthy life. VRT efficiently helps in eradicating uncoordinated ear balance issues among patients.

How does it happen?

Trauma from injuries, cerebral degeneration, side effects from certain medications and prolonged alcohol consumption leads to acute dizziness, vertigo and associated falls. Such incidents happens to a lot of people who can’t control their body movements. Events like this often scar a person for life and lead to their isolation from society. With the help of Vestibular Therapy, a person can regain his/her confidence and walk with pride side by side the world.

What is Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy?

Vestibular Therapy is a specially designed advanced program that has developed to treat people with Balance disorder and intense vertigo such as Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV).

How does it help?

The programs consist of various exercise and training to improve a patient’s walking pattern, physical balance, flexibility and overall mobility. The curriculum also includes specific neck exercises along with few gazing exercise specially designed by our Physical Therapy Specialists. The primary purpose of this therapy is to instruct the brain to compensate for other senses.

How effective is the Therapy?

There are various success stories associated with Vestibular Therapy. While the recovery period of a patient depends on his/her focus, learnings and willpower, VRT without any doubt provides significant results. Why resort to the risky surgical procedure, when one can get rid of BPPV with the help of a Vestibular Therapy. The credibility of the Vestibular therapy solidifies from the fact that, even some doctors recommend a Vestibular Therapy to their patient before the surgery.


Work Injury


The work Injury Rehabilitation process is designed to provide specialised care for workers who get themselves injured during work. The motive behind this program is to assist an injured employee for an early recovery and return him/her to work as soon as possible. Our experienced physical therapists work alongside the case managers, doctors and employers to effectively communicate them about the daily recovery status of the employee.