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Sports Rehab Treatments


Your convenience is our priority

At RVA Physical Therapy, we don’t like to make our patient go through excruciating pain while waiting for an appointment. Book an immediate appointment at RVA within a short duration and our staff will help you to provide you with a specialised Therapist according to your needs.

All our Therapy specialists are licenced holders and immensely experienced in their specialised field.

A constant bugging pain can drain the endurance from a person. For a complimentary injury, screening you can contact our staff and our trained professional will be scheduled for you immediately.

With our state of art technology and professional experts, our specialist will analyse your overall body mobility and figure out the source of your pain.

For more information prior to your first visit, kindly click here, to know the document requirement and dress code.

Evaluations & Screenings
Athletic Running


Providing you that extra push

The key to a successful athlete relies on unconditional persistence for perfection and safeguarding oneself from possible injuries. We, at RVA Physical Therapy, give specially designed training to athletes from all age and groups that help them in avoiding injuries and boosting their overall performance.

With accurately evaluating your mobility, endurance, speed and several other physical traits, our certified athletic trainers will develop a training program specially designed according to your individuality.

We also provide training for budding and aspiring athletes by cultivating their skills and enhancing their power and performance ability. A specialised trainer will administer your performance report and make changes when required.

For sport related injury, you can book an appointment with our specialist for a free injury screening. Our trained professionals will recommend you the best modality, after a successful assessment.


Fitness is a journey

We at RVA Physical Therapy will help you accomplish your fitness goals and will get you back on track with your healthy lifestyle.

Injuries often halt all the progress of a person. To recover after months of bed rest is not easy for a patient. Weight gain, muscle loss and constant stress are some of the devastating results that come associated with an injury. Our wellness plans at RVA Physical Therapy targets all the individuals who have successfully overcome their injuries and pains and now wants to move to the fitness side of the life.

Wellness plans include a periodical check-up of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes including a well-adjusted program to eliminate all possibility of cancer.

Enrol today for continuing the usage of PT Gym and getting back in shape to lead a healthy life. Apart from that, the programs also direct toward bringing back the former strength In your body.

Regain the strength and vigour of your muscles and bones that been stayed dormant for months due to injury.

To know more about the plans and fees, kindly contact us at: rvaphysicaltherapy@gmail.com

Wellness Program